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Our people have spoken out. We have received 18 5-Star ratings on Yelp and counting! Thank you guys for those kind words of support. We hope to gain more positive reviews from our valued customers

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Cindy H, Los Angeles, Yelper

5 stars because this is my dream layout for an eatery. Their motto should be “Smaller is better.” The entryway is just big enough to have one window to order your food, and another glass window to view the kitchen. To the side is the outdoor seating area, which, by virtue of having a rooftop, Christmas lights strung up, and some foliage to block the view of the traffic, qualifies it as a patio. Everything about this place is humble, charming and squeaky clean.

I’ve been ordering the cactus salad, which is incredibly fresh, crisp and flavorful. Confusingly, every time I’ve ordered this it’s come in completely different formats and with different veggies. I would appreciate it if they’d just establish a recipe for it, though at the same time I appreciate that they can custom tailor the dish. I also wish they’d offer cactus in more menu items, like the tacos, because it’s quite fresh here and would make a great option for vegetarians. I like watching the cook do her thing in that clean, simple kitchen, popping out of the kitchen once in a while to ask your preference.

Tarascos has a lot of competition from other Mexican joints in the area, but it also occupies a comfy middleground between a full-on restaurant and a fly-by-night taco truck, and the pricing is appropriately affordable. My new home.

Nej C., Los Angeles, Yelper

I never leave here without at least 15-20 tacos. So easy to park, street parking and a sizable lot.

Fantastic tacos! Very fresh, flavorful, and tender meats and veggies.

I have had every single taco and they are all good. Highlights include the veggie taco, cochintas pibil, pollo mole, and the al pastor (with pineapple)!

They have some damn fine chorizo, too Don’t leave here without getting some of their salsas. They have a HOT habanero salsa which almost killed me, but it was awesome. All the other salsas kick major ass. They are excellent and so fresh. For $1.50 a taco this is one of the best deals around. The variety alone is awesome. I always bring a huge bag home and to parties. Not a single taco is ever left over. Such a great find! Most of the tacos aren’t too greasy either, which is always a nice bonus. Love, love, love Tarascos. The people who work are also super friendly and helpful.

Kate G., Los Angeles, Yelper

Excellent – quick service, fair prices and delicious guacamole (in my opinion this can make or break a Mexican place!). The quesadilla’s are to die for and a much better option than the burritos (in my humble opinion). Ample outdoor seating which is shaded and there’s a car park! Bonus! Also, you can sit with your dog in the outdoor seating area which is great, as some places don’t let you do this.

If I want a quick but EXCELLENT Mexican dining experience then this is the place to go. Perfect for lunch and a perfect hangover cure!