Tarascos Restaurant: Classic South of the Border Munch

Tarascos Restaurant: Classic South Of The Border Munch

Jose Guido, LA Fast Food Examiner

February 27, 2011

Tarascos Mexican Restaurant is a small Southern/West Coast Mexican restaurant that caters to the trendy Silver Lake community and thus serves up the Southern and Pacific Mexican standards. Tarascos thrives to stand out from the myriad of other Mexican grub shacks along Sunset Blvd., with the features of a traditional table-service restaurant while maintaining the charm of a ground-roots Mexican food stand. Patrons choosing to dine-in at Tarascos shouldn’t expect a quick snack, but an honest meal targeted to quench hunger.

The food itself is traditional Mexican cuisine from the state of Michoacán, providing a regional twist to standard dishes – for example, those of untrained taste buds may be taken aback by the addition of pineapple in the carne al pastor. The main attraction here would be the ambiance found in Tarascos itself. It’s a charming place with an ability to cater to groups, families, and to-go diners without a hitch. Table service is attentive for the most part – that being when they aren’t being bogged down by more needy customers, which they still serve with a smile and professionalism.

Online communities tend to exaggerate the cuisine found at Tarasco’s, thus making the experience of first-timers less stellar than anticipated. Tarasco’s is a charming little restaurant that serves regional favorites of Southern and West Coastal Mexico not a gourmet entrée destination. In the everyday patrons’ eyes, it’s fine just the way it is.

  • Delivery is available.(323) 669-3300
  • The food is regional Southern/Pacific Coast Mexican and thus is prepared in the traditional manner of that region.
  • The food is slightly pricier than the average taco shack, but Tarascos isn’t a burrito truck. Also, it’s more than reasonably priced when compared to its neighbors.
  • Oddly enough, they offer a traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner [starting at $99.00]

Tarascos Mexican Restaurant is location @ 3319 West Sunset Boulevard, CA